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Liedertafel Choir

The Choir was founded in 1970 by two of our original members, Paul Fischer and Richard Person.  Singing together has enriched the culture and social life of our members.  Our aim is to enrich the tradition of German mixed choris and German songs.

The Choir has travelled to Europe, USA and throughout Canada. Locally, we sing at Care Homes, July 1st Celebrations, Folkfest and several concerts each year.  We also take part in the Nord Pazifoscher Saengerbund Saengerfests every two or three years.

Many thanks to our Choir Directors, past and present, to the pianists who have worked tirelessly to keep our Choir going and to the members who have participated faithfully for many years. 

Current Directors:    President: Susie Kaul                                                                               Music Director: Roy Fader

                                  Pianist:  Ursula Pidgeon

We meet on Thursdays at 7:00pm

Please contact Luther at  (778) 484-1770

Schützenclub Edelweiss

Kelowna B.C.

In 1982 Rolf and Diana Pfob, Uschi Kirschner and Helmut and Gertrude Heinemann formed the Club.  It grew in numbers over the years and has maintained a very active membership.  


The members have entered competitions against other Shooting Clubs, both in Canada as well as in Germany.  Several of the Shooters have become very good and at national as well as international levels, winning a number of trophies. 

We meet in the upstairs hall, Wednesdays at 7:00pm

If you would like more information,

please contact Leni at (778) 754-0150

Okanagan Skat Club 

The Club was started in 1976 and continues to attract many players.  We meet every Wednesday and Friday from 4 to 8 pm and usually play two rounds of our favourite card game. Visitors are welcome and often join in the fun. 

Our weekly game always has good food and drink available and everyone is welcome!  Visitors are welcome and often join in the fun.  Expert or Novice, or just drop in to have a look and see what the game of Skat is! If you are interested in learning, we gladly help to get you started!

Our annual IPSA Tournament attracts players from all over Canada and the USA.  We host this tournament on the second weekend of August.  Participants and guests enjoy Kelowna and the surrounding natural beauty of the Okanagan as well as the friendly competition.  Meet other folks with similar interests for a weekend (or more!). 

We meet to play both Skat and Canaster in the Kaffee Stube on Wednesdays and Fridays - 4:00pm until 8:00pm.

For more information contact

Manfred Grossmuller  (250)768-9982

Inge Hoffmann (250)681-5423

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