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On the 21th of March, 1964, twenty-four local Germans got together at the Duck Lake Inn in Winfield to discuss the creation of a German Club in the Kelowna.  With enthusiasm, Executive Positions were appointed and the new members decided to have a Dance to get inaugurate the Club.

0n the April 18th the group met to officially form the Club.  The Constitution was discussed and ratified under the Direction of Mr. Henryk Person and the name "German Canadian Harmonie Club" was unanimously adopted.

The volunteer Executive approved constitutional orders to hold elections on May 30th to officially elect the Executive and it was decided that the purpose of the Club would be to cultivate the German Language and to promote the interests of the Members, excepting of Religion and Politics.  After several amendments, the Constitution was properly registered.

In 1965 a proposal was made by the President, to solicit members to donate money for the purpose of purchasing a property and building a clubhouse.  But it wasn’t until 1976 that all the necessary funds had been raised and decisions made.   The club purchased the property on Cary Road, drawings were complete for the building and on April 28th, 1976 the foundation was poured.  Most of the construction was done by club members and volunteers, fundraising and gathering donations, enlisting other groups and friends of the Club to help.

That year, the bi-annual meeting was postponed to the July 11th so the Membership could meet in their own new building.

It was a joyful occasion to celebrate and christen the new building in the German tradition.


In 1982, additions to the club house were made, made necessary to accommodate the rapid growth of the Membership!  The renovations made space for more exciting festivities, celebrations and room to create affiliations with other groups, such as German Choirs, a Skat Club and the Shooting Club. 

The Gala Celebration in 1989 was held to commemorate

25 Years of the Harmonic, Club.   A number of local and provincial Celebrities attended the festivities.

1996 saw the completion of paving the parking lot and several improvements to the building.  Maintenance and upgrades to property are an ongoing process and the members take great pride in their Club and its appearance.  We recognize the men in keeping the club in ship shape and the ladies in their huge contributions to the enjoyment of all members over the years, with their wonderful skills in cooking and baking, their handicrafts, and in giving children and grandchildren many memorable adventures and gifts.

In 2014 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, and our founding members were given lifetime memberships.


More recently, it was wonderful to realize the Club’s 55 years of operation in 2019.  The Beer Fest celebration was a huge success, with over 200 in attendance, and the Club was featured in our local newspaper as well as in an international newspaper.


Today, we are over 250 members strong! We are always active, providing interesting and enjoyable entertainment, welcoming visiting performance groups from Germany and many other countries and even trying to make their own entertainment!

We look forward to another 55 years of fun and hope that you will join us!

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