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March/April 2022 Newsletter

Dear members,

Spring is in the air and we are thrilled that the current restrictions are lessening and we are able to plan more events for everyone to enjoy, including our first DANCE!! How fabulous!!!!

Remember however that VACCINE PASSPORTS ARE STILL REQUIRED to attend any and all of tf our events at the club.

Take care, stay healthy, and we hope to see you soon.


Christa Gendemann


As per public health orders: Vaccine Passports and Masks are still required at ALL of the Clubs events.

Please see our Events Page for details on our upcoming SPRING GALA DANCE and EASTER BRUNCH


For current/paid members only... will take place on April 30th, 2022.

**Please also note:

Membership Dues are now being collected.

Please pay your yearly membership due of $35/ person at the Club on Sundays between 1pm - 4pm.

If you would like information about the Liedertafel contact Susie 250-862-2798

If you would like information about the Shooting Club contact Leni at 778-754-0150

If you would like information about the Ogopogo Skat Club contact Manfred at


Executive Responsibilities

President - The President shall supervise all the business of the Association and be the presiding officer of the Board of Directors. He/She shall be a member ex officio of all Committees and perform such duties as the office requires.

Vice President  - The Vice President shall assist the President and in his/her absence shall take their place.


Treasurer - The Treasurer receives and keeps true record of all monies of the Association and deposits in the bank. He/She is responsible for the payment of all accounts, and shall be a signing officer, together with the President.


Second Treasurer  - The Second Treasurer assists the Treasurer and receives and keeps true record of monies of the Association as per the direction of the President.

Secretary - The Secretary keeps a true account of the proceedings of the monthly meetings and carries on correspondence for the club.

Directors  - The Directors are members of the Board and Vote in the meetings. They assist the Executive in their duties of managing the affairs of the club.

In addition to these specific duties….. The members of the Executive meet for a monthly meeting and volunteer their time approximately every nine weeks for Sunday Cake and Coffee, and for our Dances and Events.

***** Please remember 2022 Membership Dues must be paid at least one week BEFORE the Annual General Meeting. Please see below the official Agenda of the Annual General Meeting. *****


Annual General Meeting

German Canadian Harmonie Club

Doors open at 12, meeting begins at 1pm.



1.  Establishment of quorum.

2.  One minute of Silence observed for Members Passed.

3.  Reports read:    - Secretary’s minutes of last Annual General Meeting.

                                 -  Presidents Report.

                                 -  Treasurers Report.

                                 -  Book proofers Report.

4. Presentation of 25 Year pins and 50 Year pins.

5. Dissolve present Executive

6. Election of new Board – Chairperson – Annemarie Phillips

7. Introduction and Installation of new Executive

8. New Business

9. Proposed expenditures - Vote may be required.

10. Meeting adjourned    (coffee and cake to follow meeting)

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